Wiśniewski, Szymura, Kamyk Spółka Partnerska Radców Prawnych (professional partnership) was established in 2007 as a continuation of legal practice of attorney-at-law Jaroslaw Wiśniewski and attorney-at-law Ewa Szymura. In 2010 the attorney-at-law Mariusz Kamyk joined the company. 

The law firm comprises people committed to their work, who constantly broaden their knowledge and develop experience and who are open to the needs and demands of the clients in terms of legal assistance and representation. Among our employees you will find attorneys-at-law, trainee and law graduates.

Our law firm primarily provides services for corporate clients - commercial law companies, including public companies, joint stock companies, limited liability companies and partnerships, cooperative units, unions, subjects with smaller business as well as sport clubs. Our clients represent different trades such as: power industry, construction, specialist engineering work, high-technology, medical activity, trading companies and services, along with the financial services, communications, water supply and sewage disposal, as well as waste management.

The law firm provides comprehensive legal assistance and aids in the ongoing concerns (preparing and providing opinions on the contracts, negotiations, legal representation, debt recovery, opinions and legal advice, services for the corporation’s governing bodies) and in the completion of the transformation projects and assignments (merges, transformations, restructuring, investment processes).

Our law firm provides legal assistance in English as well as in Italian.

The activity of our partnership, aside from the primary insurance amounting to 100.000,00 EURO, is insured against civil liability also in terms of additional covers to the amounts of 250.000,00 EUR and 3.000.000,00 PLN.

The law firm has a system of personal data protection.

We use legal software LEX (prestige version).  

To assure efficiency in our assistance we also use electronic mail. We have security software and a constant access to information services.

We also cooperate, based on the association agreement, with the Italian law firm Studio Legale Grosso, de Rienzo, Riscossa, Di Toro e Associati, with its branches in Rome, Turin and Milan.